Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Giovanni Boiano can recognize developing malocclusions (crooked teeth) as early as 2-3 years of age. If proper steps are taken early, the need for future major orthodontic treatment might be eliminated.

Early treatment: ages 2-6. Deals with underdeveloped jaws, harmful oral habits (thumb sucking), and early loss of primary teeth.

Mixed Dentition: ages 6-12. Deals with jaw/ tooth misalignment problems. At this age, soft and hard tissues are very responsive to treatment.

Adolescent Dentition: ages 12 and up. Deals with permanent teeth and development of the final occlusion (bite)

We utilize a digital radiography (X-Rays) and also have a 3D Radiograph all with reduced radiation. It is safe, faster and much more diagnostic than traditional X-Rays. This helps children become more comfortable going to the dentist. They can also see the results right away on the screen.

Smiles Under the Sea is one of the few that utilize all types of digital radiography.

Orthodontic Dental Office